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ARC Asia-Pacific Summit

March 12-13, 2025

Mark your calendars for the ARC Asia-Pacific Summit in Melbourne, March 2025! We’re excited to showcase Sheba’s innovations right on Australia’s doorstep, blending the best of Israeli ingenuity with the Australian healthcare ecosystem. This unique platform offers unparalleled opportunities for engagement, investment, learning, and collaboration.

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Australian Friends of Sheba

Australian Friends of Sheba Medical Centre serves as the local representation of Sheba Medical Centre, one of the best hospitals in the world, according to Newsweek magazine (2019-2023). Embodying the ethos of “hope without boundaries”, Sheba extends its compassionate care to patients across the globe, transcending geographical, political, and cultural borders. Regardless of gender, religion, race, ethnicity, or nationality, Sheba’s commitment to providing top-tier medical services remains unwavering.

Sheba Doctors
ARC Innovation CenterARC Innovation Center

ARC Innovation

The Centre for Digital Innovation at Sheba Medical Centre

Led by Prof. Eyal Zimlichman and at the forefront of digital medicine, The ARC Centre is revolutionising healthcare. It unites over 90 startups, researchers, and industry leaders like Altera, Microsoft, and Baxter, fostering patient care innovation. Nested in Sheba Medical Centre, known for its digital, paperless approach since 2004, ARC offers startups full access to data and medical expertise, facilitating the integration of advanced technologies in healthcare settings. Covering Big Data, AI, telemedicine, and precision medicine, ARC’s model has globally impacted healthcare, especially in the US and Canada. Similarly, Australia is actively establishing its ARC centres, engaging in discussions with the state to replicate this transformative healthcare model.

Celebrating Sheba Medical Centre’s

Global Healthcare Excellence by Newsweek

Over the last six years, Sheba Medical Centre has earned international acclaim in healthcare, earning prestigious accolades from Newsweek magazine. This recognition encompasses several pivotal domains, including Sheba’s standing as a world-renowned hospital, a leading smart healthcare institution, and one of the world’s best medical centres for specialized medical treatments in areas such as oncology, cardiology, gastroenterology, and neurosurgery.

Our steadfast dedication to Sheba’s activities on both regional and global fronts remains unwavering. We take immense pride in our support for an institution that not only drives significant and positive change in healthcare but also serves as a symbol of excellence and innovation within the ever-evolving field of medicine.

Sheba Board of Directors
Innovations of Tomorrow:

Sheba’s City of Health

Sheba Medical Centre is set to transform global healthcare through unparalleled innovation. Being the largest health and quality of life centre in the Middle East, Sheba’s goal is to provide healthcare that combines both compassionate care and advanced technology. By integrating cutting-edge technologies, Sheba is not just about treating more patients in shorter times but is dedicated to pioneering early disease detection and prevention, reducing illness and hospitalisation.

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Sheba is ushering in a new era of seamless integration between innovators, scientists, start-ups, high-level developers, large corporations, investors and academia – all to better serve its patients and develop breakthrough cures and treatments. This City of Health fosters boundless innovation – paving the way for medical breakthroughs that will help patients throughout the world.

With your gift, we can partner to innovate the future of healthcare.

Sheba medical centerSheba medical center

Whether helping those most in need or advancing healthcare globally:
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ARC Innovation Center

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