the pillars of #Hanukkah and the essence of our relationship with St.Vincent’s Healthcare Group. Two weeks ago, at St. Vincent’s candle-lighting ceremony, held at the Sydney Jewish Museum (Kevin Sumption PSM), these values illuminated our shared mission in healthcare.

Our CEO, Idan Goldberger, was privileged to join St. Vincent’s Hospital’s leadership (Chris Blake, Richard Haddock, Shanthini Naidoo FFIA CFRE, and Charles Curran, among others) and their passionate supporters at the Hanukkah ceremony, a gathering that honoured tradition and highlighted our united mission in healthcare.

Our connection is more than just partnership; it’s a journey towards innovation and compassion in healthcare, bringing light to those in need.

Thank you Rabbi Mendel Kastel, CEO of Jewish House, for running the ceremony and Selwyn Black, for your sensitive and inspiring MC’ing.

As we light these candles, let’s commit to a future filled with hope and healing. Join us on this inspiring journey to uplift lives.