Who We Are
Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer, Israel is the largest medical center in the Middle East. Sheba Medical Center includes a general hospital, maternity hospital, pediatric hospital, and a rehabilitation hospital. Sheba’s staff consists of over 1,600 physicians committed to the highest standards of diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative medicine and a total staff of approximately 10,000 employees. Each year, the medical center treats over a million patients, and conducts approximately four million medical tests. Sheba uses the most advanced medical technologies to treat patients with the most severe medical conditions.

Sheba Medical Center is the national leader in clinical research in Israel. We conduct nearly one fourth of all clinical studies in Israel: Sheba accommodates over 90 research teams and approximately 4,000 research studies take place annually. Sheba is Israel’s leading medical institution in terms of publication quality and quantity – the medical center staff publishes approximately 1,800 scientific articles a year.

A goal of the research teams at Sheba is to collaborate with leading teaching and research academic institutes, both domestically and internationally. Sheba’s academic authority promotes multidisciplinary health and medical studies — thousands teach and study at Sheba every year. An academic campus is under construction and will include research institutes, technological incubators, startup companies, and an innovation center. This academic facility will operate jointly with medical supercenters worldwide.

Our Vision

The Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer, Israel’s City of Health, is a world leader that focuses on patient-centered care and maintains national and international standards of quality.

The City of Health Concept

There are disparities in standards of care among modern health systems.  A new and innovative approach is required to address these disparities. Only by redesigning health systems will it be possible to close the gaps in treatment quality, promote coordination among system partners and, most importantly, focus on the individual – both healthy and ill.

Israel’s City of Health encompasses a broad region with the Sheba Medical Center at its center, dedicated to promoting health. The City of Health will be home to residents, employees and medical center of the future. The Sheba Medical Center, with public and private sector partners, will offer a holistic approach toward health, which focuses on a healthy lifestyle. This holistic approach will allow staff to predict states of illness and promote proactive prevention, and provide the highest quality, patient-centered medical care. Innovative, groundbreaking technological solutions will redirect the focus of medical treatment to the patients in their natural surroundings, lower severity of illness and, as necessary, restore the patients’ function and routine through rehabilitation.

Since its inception, Sheba has shouldered the national responsibility for promoting and developing the health system in Israel and for creating breakthroughs in medical treatment. We are determined to meet the challenges of the future, to lead the next revolution within the health system and to continue to be trailblazers on an international level.

Breaking Boundaries of Treatment

The City of Health will treat not only the ill, but will maintain a comprehensive therapeutic continuum for individuals in their care. Sheba will provide ongoing solutions for all medical needs throughout a person’s life, including prevention, prediction, diagnostics, precision medicine, and, when necessary, treatment and rehabilitation.

Breaking Through Boundaries of Science and Technology

The Sheba Medical Center is a global leader in innovation, defining the vision of future medicine through the ARC Innovation Program – Accelerate, Redesign and Collaborate. The program is a virtual global ecosystem of over 100 members – leading medical centers, strategic partners within the industry and startup companies with groundbreaking technological solutions.

The partners of the ARC Innovation program are leading the Healthcare 2030 vision at Sheba and are working proactively to made their vision a reality. The ARC program strategically focuses on digital medicine – big data and artificial intelligence (AI), precision medicine, telemedicine and sophisticated technology, such as augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR). These disciplines will break down current medical boundaries as the vision of the City of Health emerges.

Breaking Boundaries of Patient Experience

Sheba plans a therapeutic and service-oriented environment for the patient, using a holistic approach toward each patient’s unique needs – physical, emotional and functional, including the needs of their caretakers. We are redesigning our hospitals to suit the patient – cancer patients, rehabilitation patients, children and seniors.

We strive to create a personal experience, treating patients with sensitivity and empathy to provide each patient with the sense that they are wanted, valuable and influential. This personal experience promotes the understanding that, first and foremost, our patients are individuals with full lives and diverse needs, and only afterwards, are they patients.

Breaking Boundaries of Space and Time

A digital revolution enables individuals to enjoy the best and most advanced medical service, anywhere and anytime – at home in Israel or abroad. The medical service at Sheba Medical Center is provided by leading experts and uses the “smartest” and most innovative technologies.

This is how we do it:

  • Sheba BEYOND – Israel’s first virtual hospital. Sheba BEYOND initiates and operates unique programs, the first of their kind in Israel, including remote home hospitalizations that replace the need for inpatient care. The virtual programs are managed by experts at Sheba Medical Center using remote monitoring and testing tools. Sheba BEYOND also offers online multidisciplinary rehabilitation, with comprehensive and individualized programs of home exercises with guidance from Sheba’s rehabilitation experts. Sheba BEYOND operates approximately 100 virtual clinics, employing hundreds of therapists in various fields, who conduct hundreds of virtual sessions every day.
  • Support for and cooperation with medicine in areas of Israel with less access to medical care. For example, a cardiothoracic surgery unit was established in April 2015 at the Padeh Poriya Medical Center in Safed, a northern city. This unit was established by Professor Ehud Raanani, Head of Cardiac Surgery at Sheba. Until then, northern residents were forced to travel to distant medical centers for cardiac care. This cardiac unit provides an accessible, professional and effective medical solution near their home that is, in many cases, critical and lifesaving. The Sheba physicians trained the medical teams, devised procedures and protocols, helped with setting up the department and operating rooms, and general management of the unit.

Removing Social Barriers

Sheba’s attitudes towards diversity enables the organization to overcome geographical, political, social and cultural barriers and fosters peace between Israelis and our neighboring countries.  We join forces to provide the best medical care to anyone who needs it. Throughout the years, staff from Sheba Medical Center has provided medical care to people in many distressed regions, including Kosovo, Armenia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Peru, Ruanda and Chernobyl. At Sheba, we treat patients from Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Basin, from the Palestinian Authority and Middle East, even giving care in countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Israel. In addition, the Sheba Medical Center is involved in an international advisory initiative to establish hospitals and train medical teams in Africa and Eastern Europe.

New Ties with the Community

Sheba Medical Center is an integral part of the local community, works to develop relationships to improve quality of life in the community.

“We believe that only groundbreaking medicine can provide a solution for the deepest human need – the need for hope. Hope for relief and a true improvement in quality of living. Hope to realize more dreams. Even when it seems that we are at a dead end, Sheba – thanks to its teams’ professionalism, determination and dedication – successfully breaks new ground, rendering the impossible – possible. Because hope has no boundaries.”

Professor Yitshak Kreiss, Director General of Sheba Medical Center

Our values