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The Sheba Humanitarian & Disaster Response Center (HDRC) was established in 2017 by highly experienced specialists to deliver emergency medical aid and provide healthcare professionals worldwide with the tools and training needed to handle large-scale medical emergencies. When global humanitarian or medical crises arise, the center is adept at rapidly dispatching highly trained response teams to support local caregivers and civilians, including the construction and independent operation of an advanced field hospital when needed.

Since its inception, the HDRC has launched multiple humanitarian and disaster response missions worldwide while making great strides in emergency medicine methodologies.

The HDRC and
Australian Friends of Sheba

Upholding Sheba’s creed of “Hope Without Boundaries” and core Jewish values, the HDRC constantly seeks to increase its global impact and humanitarian efforts, ensuring those in need worldwide receive high-quality and compassionate treatment, regardless of race, gender, or religion.

At the Australian Friends of Sheba, we view this mission as being of the utmost importance. By raising awareness for the HDRC’s work and gathering funds to help support its activities, we promote a unique opportunity for “tikun olam,” bringing hope to countless people worldwide.

To help the HDRC continue its critical mission, your support goes a long way. Donate and help Sheba provide aid around the globe.

The HDRC in Action:
Sheba’s ‘Shining Star’ Field Hospital in Ukraine

Recognizing a dire need for medical aid, Sheba, in collaboration with Israeli Foreign and Health ministries, established and operated a field hospital in the small western Ukrainian town of Mostyska. The “Shining Star” field hospital provided medical care and assistance for locals and refugees alike, while HDRC teams also trained local medical teams to handle emergencies.

One hundred medical doctors, nurses, lab workers, engineers, pharmacists, and mental health professionals staffed the field hospital, which treated over 6,000 patients during its six weeks of operation.

For HDRC personnel, the mission extended beyond providing medical relief during a time of crisis, but served as a means to provide hope and compassion where it is sorely lacking.

“Our goal is to make sure that Ukrainian people know that they are not alone”

“Our goal is to make sure that Ukrainian people know that they are not alone,” said Yoel Har-Even, Director of Sheba Global and head of the Sheba mission alongside Prof. Elhanan Bar-On, Director of Sheba’s Humanitarian & Disaster Response Center. “We have a clear moral obligation not to look away. As human beings, as medical professionals, and as Jews.”

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