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From Cancer to
Advanced Oncology Hospital

The Need

As the largest Cancer Centre in Israel, Sheba leads in the provision of treatment and care for all types of cancers. Welcoming 8,000 new patients annually, the center requires the need for expanded facilities to effectively manage this patient volume. The centre is a hub for pioneering technologies and the latest in oncological treatment and research, collaborating with leading global cancer centers and deepening the global understanding of cancer.

With increases in patient longevity and advancements in early detection, more individuals require long-term, specialised care. This hospital is a strategic step in meeting these evolving healthcare needs, ensuring continued excellence in cancer care and research.

Heart center in Sheba

The Project

With its innovative transition from a traditional hospital to a “City of Health”, the Advanced Oncology Hospital is transforming patient oncology care. This groundbreaking project aims to enhance the patient experience through a comprehensive 360° approach, harmoniously integrating medical, technological, administrative, and support services. The centre will be a state-of-the-art facility ensuring seamless patient journeys. It will feature Multidisciplinary Clinics, bringing together a diverse team of experts – from surgeons to psychotherapists – to provide integrative, multidisciplinary care, working together to optimise treatment plans. Additionally, patients will benefit from the latest in diagnostic technology, including the Rapid Cancer Diagnostic Unit, which reduces diagnosis time by 80%.

This initiative embodies Sheba’s commitment to integrating advanced technology, medical research, and holistic care, offering patients not just treatments but renewed hope and improved quality of life in the face of challenging diagnosis.


We firmly believe that our experience with integrative medicine,

combined with the latest technology and medical research,

enables us to offer our patients new hope and the possibility of
enjoying a quality of life despite the most worrying diagnosis.
Heart center in ShebaHeart center in Sheba
Join us in supporting the Sheba Medical Centre

to provide unparalleled care and renewed HOPE

for those battling cancer, transforming their journey of recovery.