Safra's HospitalSafra's Hospital
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The Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital

The Need

Sheba, firmly committed to excellence in pediatric healthcare, continues its mission to provide ‘hope without boundaries’, also to the youngest of patients. Catering to Israel’s diverse population and international patients, including those from the Palestinian Authority and surrounding regions, the center embodies a spirit of inclusivity and compassion.

The need for pediatric rehabilitation has intensified due to ongoing challenges and conflicts, encompassing not only acute injuries and long-term rehabilitation needs but also the specialized care for children released from Hamas captivity. Expansion of the hospital is crucial to ensure timely and optimal care for every child in need, treating an increased number of patients while maintaining the highest standards of care.

Safra's Hospital
Safra's HospitalSafra's Hospital

The Project

Every day, our inpatient and day treatment facilities have become vital for the recovery of these young heroes. Many are on a path to healing from physical injuries or the deep emotional scars of their experiences. In our care, these children find more than medical treatment; they find a nurturing environment for both body and soul.

Looking ahead, our goal is to enhance our facilities, improve the patient experience, and integrate innovative technologies such as virtual reality and telemedicine. This vision goes beyond mere infrastructure—it’s about creating a space where advanced medical care is coupled with the support and safety every child needs.

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For every child who has suffered, for every child returning from captivity, and for every child on a journey to recovery.

Safra's HospitalSafra's Hospital in Sheba
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