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Sheba Longevity Centre

The Need

As life expectancy has increased by three decades since the mid-twentieth century, the need to address the gap in quality of life for the aging population has become increasingly urgent. This challenge is exacerbated by the pandemic of chronic diseases that affect older individuals at a significantly higher rate. Recognising this, Sheba Medical centre, also titled the “City of Health,” is dedicated to extending not just life, but healthspan – the period of life spent in good health. To this end, Sheba is establishing a new Healthy Longevity centre, a testament to its commitment to promoting health and disease-free longevity globally.

Sheba Longevity Center

The Project

The Sheba Medical Centre is launching a groundbreaking initiative, the Healthy Longevity Center, under the leadership of Prof. Tzipi Strauss, Director of Neonatology and pediatric physician. This center represents a paradigm shift in healthcare, focusing on proactive medicine to promote, maintain, and improve physical, mental, and cognitive performance in the aging population. Its approach is centered on evidence-based personalized medicine, a novel concept in the medical field.

The center will concentrate on key areas linked to longevity: cognitive aspects, sleep, frailty, and menopause. A multidisciplinary team of experts in internal medicine, endocrinology, gynecology, geriatrics, and brain science will guide its operations. The center’s holistic approach encompasses three pillars: research, education, and innovation. This includes cutting-edge longevity research, collaborations for enhanced research, and joint ventures for product development and clinical trials.


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