New Rehab Wing in Action: Returning to Life

Thanks to the support of many, Sheba was able to establish the ‘Returning to Life’ rehabilitation unit. This dedicated facility offers a diverse array of therapeutic options for soldiers injured since October 7 atrocities, ranging from high-tech and high-touch treatments to virtual reality systems. However, it’s not just the technology that’s making a difference—it’s the vibrant, supportive community that plays a crucial role in helping everyone return to life.

In less than two days, the unit, initially with 36 beds, expanded to an impressive 76, symbolising a beacon of hope since the events of October 7. This facility is committed to the step-by-step rehabilitation of our courageous soldiers, our heroes, assisting them in their journey back to life.

Itay, a soldier who has been part of this program from its beginning, views it as a significant turning point. “Being surrounded by fellow young, joyful soldiers greatly improves our wellbeing,” he says. Itay’s experience epitomises the enduring resilience that this place inspires. In just a fortnight, he progressed from barely being able to leave his bed to walking. This is a strong affirmation of our staff’s dedication, who have transformed our hospital into a haven of healing.

Our commitment isn’t limited to Itay but extends to every soldier who has bravely served our country, as well as to civilians injured in the same incident. Although the road ahead may be lengthy, our support is unwavering, underpinning every step of their journey.

Sheba medical centerSheba medical center

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