Sheba Medical Center is in Bahrain!

Sheba Medical Center is in Bahrain! A delegation of senior members of Sheba’s nursing staff are meeting with top CEOs from 3 major hospitals as well as members of Bahrain’s ministry of health as a first step along the journey to strengthen the partnership between Israel and Bahrain’s executive health leadership.

To kick off the Sheba Medical Center team’s visit to Bahrain an event was held in Ambassador Eitan Naeh’s home to celebrate the Abraham Accords, which were signed two years ago. “The relationship between Israel and Bahrain is getting stronger by the day” said Amb. Naeh as he expressed his excitement for the future of the partnership between Sheba and Bahrain’s healthcare system.

Sheba Medical Center’s nursing team also met with members of the Salmaniya Medical Complex / مجمع السلمانية الطبي and participated in an exchange of professional and industry knowledge between Bahrain and Israel! The team also visited with King Hamad University Hospital as part of the delegation’s visit.

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