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Transformative Contributions Toward
Better Healthcare in Australia

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Led by Prof. Eyal Zimlichman

The ARC (Accelerate, Redesign, Collaborate) Centre stands at the forefront of digital medicine. It’s a vibrant junction that unites over 90 dynamic startup companies with dedicated researchers, industry visionaries, academia, leading medical institutions and a network of esteemed partners, including Altera, Microsoft, and Baxter. Behind all of this is a compelling mission, which fuels ARC to fundamentally transform healthcare and prioritize an enhancement of patient care through relentless innovation.

Health Space 2030 in Sheba

Navigating the Future of
Digital Healthcare

Situated within the expansive grounds of Sheba Medical Centre, a place synonymous with creativity and groundbreaking advancements, ARC’s startups are paved by Sheba’s pioneering approach as a paperless, digital hospital since 2004. ARC’s startups benefit from complete access to Sheba’s comprehensive data and esteemed medical teams, along with opportunities to pilot and integrate their pioneering technologies within a hospital setting. ARC’s healthcare projects span the realms of Big Data, AI, telemedicine, and precision medicine.

Medical innovation in Sheba

Expanding ARC
Innovation to Australia

The ARC model’s success in sustainable innovation has not only transformed local healthcare but also made a profound international impact, particularly in the United States and Canada, thereby solidifying its role as a key contributor to the global healthcare landscape. Concurrently, Australia is actively setting up ARC centers, collaboratively engaging with state governments for seamless integration. This fosters advanced healthcare solutions, improving outcomes nationwide.

ARC Summit

The transformative impact that ARC will have in Australia can be further explored at the inaugural ARC APAC Summit in Melbourne on 12-13 March 2025.

Graciously hosted by the Victorian Government, this landmark event will embody the “Innovation Without Boundaries: Transforming Healthcare in the Asia-Pacific,” focusing on key themes. Explore how ARC can equalize healthcare across diverse ecosystems, address remote medical needs in Australia and APAC, and leverage local innovation ecosystems for vibrant healthcare innovation. ARC is absolutely poised to benefit Australia and the region, revolutionising healthcare accessibility, technology, and collaboration.

The ARC Innovation CenterThe ARC Innovation Center
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ARC Innovation CenterARC Innovation Center

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